Case Studies


Implemented the FormulaHR , an end-2-end, feature-rich, enterprise HRMS system for many large companies including one of the India’a largest investment banking company and large job portal company. The challege in the implementation was in understanding and documenting their complex business processes and then customizing the HRMS system to suit the process.


One of our customer had a challenge in exchanging data between the HRMS system (FHR) and their financial system built on Micorsoft’s Navision. We helped them in addressing the challenge by building a configurable, data-exchange middleware. Our middleware would extract data from one system, manipulate and massage the data and post it to the target system.


One of our customer has a legacy system that runs one of their very critical business process. The system which was built over time has become so complex that it can neither be replaced nor decommissioned. They identifed AdaptTeQ as the support partner. As part of support exercise, we have documented the key business processes and technical specification for the system. Using our pool of resources we are supporting this legacy system.

Web Applications

“Billing application, built for Chennai laundry (  is a Web based application, that caters to manging Stores, Staff, Laundry packages, Item Rates, Day-to-Day orders,  and help management track, consolidate and reconcile the invoices and payments across staff and stores. Very user friendly and easy of application helps the staff to receive, update, modify and deliver the orders over the web, it also helps to manage and deliver laundry cloths from different stores to centralized factory and back, via the Laundry Out Processing functionality. This application also separately caters to corporate clients of Chennai laundry, where in there is a separate functionality to assign a corporate customer and select a corporate rate card. Application is cloud hosted as the stores are distributed across Chennai”